November 7, 2018

5 Examples of How Retailers Can Increase Sales With Proximity Marketing

Have You Considered Beacon Technology & Proximity Marketing For Your Business?

Beacon technology and proximity marketing has completely revolutionised the retail landscape for the better. It has resulted in higher consumer savings, increased merchant sales and greater customer satisfaction. Although by no means exclusive to retail, proximity marketing is now a must have solution for many retail owners in order to connect with consumers and grow their brand.

But how can retail stores use proximity marketing to full effect? Here are 5 examples of how retail stores can use beacon technology and proximity marketing to help improve their customer experience and boost their sales.

  1. Sally enters the mall or store which triggers a personal message to be sent to her providing her with special offers and promotions of the day.
  2. 24 hours after Sally’s visit, she receives a message thanking her for her visit and offering her an incentive if she visits again within the next 7 days.
  3. Sally has been in the shoe section of the store for 20 minutes and a timed-trigger sends her a message offering her a 10% discount if she decides to purchase.
  4. Shopping centres with their own app can use beacons to flag incentives and offers from their tenants. One scenario could be cafes pinging out a message to users who have been in the centre for over 90 minutes to come and take a break.
  5. A department store could dot beacons around the building to take visitors on purchasing journeys. So a beacon placed next to a particular brand of women’s shoe could alert the customer to a matching accessory or handbag in an adjacent department.

Beacon technology and proximity marketing is simply WIN, WIN for retailers. Beacon technology also helps merchants improve how they structure their store setups. Product makers and suppliers can also get involved by bidding for specific interior store locations and then advertising their products with beacons, providing a further boost to retail owners. The possibilities are truly endless.

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