November 7, 2018

Could Mobile Marketing Rescue Britain’s Pub Industry?

Britain’s publicans are finding it tough to survive in a climate of reduced disposable income and the easy availability of cheap supermarket alcohol.

Using WiFi technology to reach out to consumers via their smart phones could help.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

When you use your smart phone to get information about a business, get directions or get a discount, you’re benefiting from mobile marketing.

Businesses who already offer free WiFi to customers know that they benefit from the good will and customer satisfaction gained as a result.

Hotels, airports and shopping centres already use the technology to connect with their customers by sending service information updates and promotional offers.

Once the domain of large businesses with IT departments, mobile marketing has come of age and is now available to small businesses and high street operators, including pubs, via cost effective beacon technology.

5 Ways Mobile Marketing is More Effective

Mobile marketing is an inexpensive, personalised method of advertising that connects customer and business.

Why is it more effective than traditional advertising?

  1. Access:  75% of the world’s population has a mobile phone and most phones are within reach most of the time according to a World Bank study.
  2. Local:  Mobile ads reflect a customer’s immediate needs and are location based.
  3. Entertaining:  Fun apps and games on a mobile device amuse while providing advertising access.
  4. Connection:  Mobile ads can reward loyal customers through sales and discounts.
  5. Personalised:  Ads are catered to the interests and needs of a target audience .

Could Mobile Marketing Save the British Pub Industry?

Britain’s pub industry is in serious decline.

The total number of pubs in the UK has dropped by nearly 30% in as many years, from 67,800 in 1982 to 48,006 in 2013, according to industry analysts.

The UK beer and pub sector continues to be an important source of employment and output at a national and local level,” Adrian Cooper, Chief Executive Officer at Oxford Economic says.

The key facts:

  • Beer and pub sector account for 870,000 jobs
  • 82% of beer sold in Britain is made in Britain
  • One job in brewing generates 18 jobs in pubs, agriculture, supply and retail

Not only is the pub essential to a vibrant British economy, it also has a long and vibrant history.

Pubs have been in Britain since the Romans introduced tavernsEven the names of the pubs reflect events, persons, and aspects that are significant: The Anchor, White Hart, Marquis of Granby, Hop Pole.

Pubs are also socially significant.  They:

  • Bring people together
  • Provide community services—post office, internet, sponsors community and social events
  • Attract tourists
  • Create jobs
  • Allow for a safe, monitored drinking environment

How a Publican Can Boost Trade with Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is an easy win for publicans looking to boost trade.  And smart phone owners like it too.

  • 53% of consumers are happy to share their current location to receive relevant advertising
  • 57% of consumers are more likely to engage with location based advertising
  • 62% of consumers share local deals with friends
  • 63% of consumers feel a coupon is the most valuable form of mobile marketing

Publicans can use mobile marketing to:

  1. Increase awareness of a special offers or events coming up in the near future
  2. Ask customers to connect further on social media, eg Like your Facebook page, giving the ability to market to them at no future cost
  3. Ask customers to tell their friends where they are, thereby making use of current customers to generate future business
  4. Improve overall visitor experience: remotely explain more about food and drink suppliers to enhance enjoyment, give details of sports screenings and on stage times of live music

The iconic British pub plays a hugely important part in our culture and society and it’s survival is critical.

Mobile marketing can ensure that every pub is just a short search away.

For more details on how mobile technology can be used to boost small business trade download our brochure, below.

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