5 Examples of How Retailers Can Increase Sales With Proximity Marketing

Have You Considered Beacon Technology & Proximity Marketing For Your Business? Beacon technology and proximity marketing has completely revolutionised the retail landscape for the better. It has resulted in higher consumer savings, increased merchant sales and greater customer satisfaction. Although by no means exclusive to retail, proximity marketing is now a must have solution for […]

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Could Mobile Marketing Rescue Britain’s Pub Industry?

Britain’s publicans are finding it tough to survive in a climate of reduced disposable income and the easy availability of cheap supermarket alcohol. Using WiFi technology to reach out to consumers via their smart phones could help. What Is Mobile Marketing? When you use your smart phone to get information about a business, get directions […]

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How Proximity Marketing Could Transform Our High Streets

If you own a small business, you know how difficult it can be to attract new customers. In a sluggish economy, finding a marketing strategy that fits your budget is no easy feat. But there’s one strategy you may have overlooked: Proximity marketing. Proximity marketing could be right for you if: You’re always on the […]

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Easy Local Marketing for Small Businesses

Embrace Technology and Grow Your Business As a small business owner, you know the competition is stiff. On top of a sluggish economy and a challenging business climate, consumers are more sophisticated with their purchasing choices than ever before. They have an abundance of information at their fingertips, from customer ratings and reviews to price […]

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The Next Big Thing in Marketing for Travel and Tourism Providers

If you work in the travel and tourism industry, you’re always looking for new and innovative ways to connect with consumers. That can be challenging in a digital society, where consumers spend most of their time on mobile devices. So, how can your business get ahead of the curve? The next big thing in marketing […]

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Use Bluetooth Marketing to Boost Your Retail Sales

The Biggest Opportunity To Boost Retail Sales If you’re looking for a way to boost your sales you can consider what other ahead-of-the-curve small businesses are already successfully doing – Bluetooth marketing. Bluetooth marketing offers a way for your business to meet customers where they are , bringing your marketing campaigns directly to their mobile device. The […]

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How Northern Ireland’s Golf Courses Can Use Proximity Marketing

Northern Ireland’s golfing history dates back nearly 150 years and, with its stunning landscapes and challenging courses, it’s not hard to see why it is one of the world’s premier destinations for the sport. We look at how Northern Ireland’s golf courses can use proximity marketing to maximise business opportunities. World Class Golf in Northern Ireland […]

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Why Retailers are Getting Excited about Proximity Marketing

Retail Week recently reported that more than half of UK retailers are investing in proximity marketing campaigns. Just what is it that has got them excited? What Is Proximity Marketing? Proximity marketing involves attracting customers via WiFi technology and then offering timely and relevant marketing messages when they come into range of a beacon, typically […]

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Why the Smartphone is the New Billboard for Advertisers

What do you look at first when you wake up? Research suggests over 30% of adults in the UK look at their smartphone within five minutes of waking. An hour later, that figure hits 83%. That’s tens of millions of people, every morning. Smartphones may as well be another limb, with one in six UK adults looking at […]

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How iBeacon Technology Can Drive Britain’s High Street Revolution

The state of retailing in Britain’s town centres has been grim for some years and the recent Portas Review, spearheaded by Mary Portas, highlighted just how difficult it has been to sell from the high streets. Many retailers face dire struggles to remain in business. The Decline of the UK High Street The numbers are stark.  Between 2000 and […]

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