About Local Mobile Marketer

We started as a new start tech company in 2012 and have grown to a team of 26.

Today we lead in the proximity marketing sector with pride. Our team continually push boundaries to bring our clients the latest opportunities with this technology to generate a greater return in investment.

Our Proximity marketing system is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing that firms of all sizes can use. Our team are focused on delivering a high level of customer support to clients to ensure they get the most from Local Mobile Marketer.

In 2014 we launched our basic product to attract small to medium businesses with average costs less than 20% of what the market currently has to offer. Previously to this proximity marketing, was a buzzword for an advertising channel mostly available to larger firms.

Since launching our Basic Licence we have been experiencing unprecedented interest and superb feedback in our Proximity marketing system. Managing single locations to multi-sites of hundred of apartments and 40 bars and restaurants with outdoor venue space for thousands, all managed by Local Mobile Marketer with huge savings and massive return on investment for the Landlord/ Managing Company.


Market To Mobile / Cell Phones Automatically Through Proximity Marketing.

Market to your Customers Mobile Phones when they are in your store or nearby using Local Mobile Market
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