November 7, 2018

How Restaurants Can Boost Their Customers Experience & Their Sales

Boost Customer Satisfaction & Revenue With Proximity Marketing

The rise in the amount of consumers who choose to eat out has lead to a growth in restaurant entrepreneurs vying to compete alongside established eateries for their custom.

Although the amount of consumers who eat out is on the rise competition for their custom is at an all time high, with many establishments struggling to obtain sufficient share of the market.

But there is a solution that has proven to help restaurants attract substantially more custom for as little as £49.99 per month. This solution? Proximity marketing.

What Is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing enables you to connect with consumers via their smartphone, tablet or laptop either in your premises or nearby by offering free WiFi access. Those who connect to your network provide you with the ability to engage with them and send specific messages, promotions or discounts to generate more custom.

How Proximity Marketing Can Be Used For Restaurants

Restaurants have a lot to gain from this new proximity-detection technology, as it allows them to have meaningful, personalized conversations with customers.

Here are a few ideas on how restaurants can put beacons to use:

Proximity marketing in restaurants provides a great platform for upsells. When done correctly, they can be very specific to the user over time.  For example, you could increase the amount of deserts you sell by offering diners who have been in your restaurant for a specific period of time a ‘redeem now’ deal on deserts. You can build profiles on returning customers and provide offers based on their previous preferences.

During quieter periods you can create and launch instant offers to attract those nearby or offer diners in-house instant promotions to further upsell. Restaurants have also used proximity marketing to launch themed events, from Easter scavenger hunts for children to St Patricks day promotions to name a few.

The Possibilities Are Endless

At Local Mobile Marketer our easy to use dashboard means you can manage and run specific campaigns or promotions with ease. You are able to collect data on your customers and create specific promotions based on their previous purchases or their dining preferences.

For as little as £49.99 per month proximity marketing is a powerful tool that will boost recognition and sales for eateries of all sizes – whether it’s a small local deli or a large fine dining restaurant. Proximity marketing offers the most effective and affordable form of marketing to consumers.

To find out more about our market leading proximity marketing technology download our complimentary guide below. Or visit here to view our plans and pricing.

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