November 7, 2018

Use Bluetooth Marketing to Boost Your Retail Sales

The Biggest Opportunity To Boost Retail Sales

If you’re looking for a way to boost your sales you can consider what other ahead-of-the-curve small businesses are already successfully doing – Bluetooth marketing.

Bluetooth marketing offers a way for your business to meet customers where they are , bringing your marketing campaigns directly to their mobile device.

The technology allows you to distribute your advertising content at a particular time and place, so that it appears on the devices of any consumers nearby.

In a sluggish economy, this could be just the kind of boost your business needs to become more profitable.

Attract Customers Who Are On The Go

In today’s busy world, your customers are constantly on the go.

Whether they are raising young families, rushing between appointments or actively engaging in the community, they have a never-ending list of things to do and places to be.

Their busy lifestyles make it even harder for businesses like yours to get noticed.

With bluetooth marketing, you can achieve the difficult task of reaching your clients while they’re on the go.

You can send your marketing messages to mobile devices in:

  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Coffee shops and cocktail bars
  • Shopping centres
  • Social venues
  • Transport hubs, including airports, bus and train stations
  • Hotels and B&B’s

Sending your advertisements and marketing campaigns to clients in this way allows you to position your brand in the best possible place — at the fingertips of consumers.

4 Key Benefits of Bluetooth Marketing

It may sound complicated, but bluetooth marketing is actually very easy to use.

It has benefits for both you and your clients, these include:

  1. Bluetooth marketing is affordable
  2. Bluetooth marketing is effective
  3. Bluetooth marketing is easy to use
  4. Bluetooth marketing is simple to implement

In fact, it’s so easy to use and simple to implement that you don’t need any social media or technical skills.

Once you decide on the messages you want to send and the visual you want to present, your marketing content can be delivered directly to your clients’ smartphone, tablet or other device.

That makes it easy to use for your client to use, too.

Instead of requiring a client to download time-consuming apps and updates, your marketing content is just a click away, leading to sale announcements, coupons or special offers at your place of business.

5 Compelling Reasons For You To Use Bluetooth Marketing

There are many great reasons to use bluetooth marketing, especially because of the way consumers are using their smartphones and mobile devices.

The rate of smartphone use is increasing every single day, and people are relying on their devices to stay connected and structure their day.

For many consumers, smartphones have become an integral part of the shopping experience.

We use them to look up services and store locations, access coupons and check sale prices, doing all of this while they shop.

That’s why it’s important for your business to start serving marketing content to mobile devices.

Here are just a few more reasons why you might use this marketing:

  1. Persuade clients who are shopping nearby to walk into your store.
  2. Educate out-of-town visitors about your products and services.
  3. Provide coupons or special offers to clients as they shop.
  4. Direct clients with particular interests to your business website.
  5. Avoid the costly process of developing and maintaining an app.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that it’s catching on.

Bluetooth marketing could be just what your business needs to gain a competitive edge, during a time when many businesses are closing their doors.

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