November 7, 2018

Why Many Promotions Fail & Why The Future Is So Much Brighter For Storefront Businesses

Make Marketing Disappointment A Thing of The Past

Have you ever been disappointed with a promotion or advert you have launched for your business? Maybe you have been left scratching your head as to why more consumers didn’t opt in?

Many businesses feel puzzled with the performance of their marketing efforts, especially when the product or service they sell is of high quality and they believed the offer they where promoting was of great value to consumers. So why do many experience disappointing results?

Times are changing

Advancement in technology has completely changed the world we live in, from how we communicate, source information, consume information and make day to day choices, including purchasing decisions.

Not so long ago information was scarce; we relied upon advertisements from media such as billboard, leaflets, newspaper, radio, word of mouth and more recently social media campaigns to make us aware of products and promotions. In order for consumers to make a purchase or redeem a promotion they had to proactively invest their time and effort into doing so. Now we have access to information, services and products 24/7. With such easy access to an abundance of choice the need for consumers to donate their precious time to make a trip to a store has been diluted down. Technology has given us the ability to buy what we want, when we want.

This has meant a lot of the tried and tested methods of getting consumers into our stores in the past now merely produce stuttering results.

The future is bright

Changing buying behaviours have certainly had a negative impact on the bottom line of many storefront businesses, but the opportunities born from these changes significantly out way the negatives.

The thing is, consumers still seek and react to value – they just do so in a different way.

How do storefront businesses effectively communicate their proposition to tuned out consumers?

The Answer is to utilise technology to provide value that can be instantly redeemed.

For most businesses, it’s not their product or service that lacks value, it’s the methods used to communicate that value that causes disappointment. Consumers are now mobile reliant. In a recent report by ‘exacttarget’ 85% of people surveyed said their smartphone was a central part of their day to day life. People depend on smart devices and it is via their smartphones where they can be reached most effectively. Local Mobile Marketer has created solutions that enables businesses to connect with consumers via their smartphone, learn more about their buying preferences and send tailored and instant offers to them via their smartphones.

For example, if you have a store that sells handbags and someone was browsing a particular section of your store for a period of time, but had yet to commit to making a purchase, you could instantly send a special ‘redeem now offer’ to their smartphone with a 5% discount for the product they had been browsing. This real time and personal interaction with consumers provides them with an added incentive to make a purchase. It enables businesses to boost sales by providing tailored offers to their visitors based on their browsing behavior, as well as sending enticing offers to those nearby to attract them into your premises.

At Local Mobile Marketer we have created technology that helps businesses utilize the opportunities to offer consumers instant value, increasing traffic and sales. To find out more about how we have helped businesses achieve greater success, click here.

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