How Restaurants Can Boost Their Customers Experience & Their Sales

Boost Customer Satisfaction & Revenue With Proximity Marketing The rise in the amount of consumers who choose to eat out has lead to a growth in restaurant entrepreneurs vying to compete alongside established eateries for their custom. Although the amount of consumers who eat out is on the rise competition for their custom is at […]

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The Missing Link Between Businesses & Customers

Proximity marketing is the final connection between brands and customers; an effective tool to generate repeat sales, deliver your brand message and revolutionise your business – for the better! Proximity What? Proximity marketing is defined as “the localized wireless distribution of advertising content associated with a particular place” (Wikipedia). Definitions, however, never tell the whole story. […]

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Why Many Promotions Fail & Why The Future Is So Much Brighter For Storefront Businesses

Make Marketing Disappointment A Thing of The Past Have you ever been disappointed with a promotion or advert you have launched for your business? Maybe you have been left scratching your head as to why more consumers didn’t opt in? Many businesses feel puzzled with the performance of their marketing efforts, especially when the product […]

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Why Proximity Marketing Is For Just About Everybody

Embracing The Future In 2006, there were less than three billion subscriptions to mobile-cellular telecommunications services. By the end of 2011, that number more than doubled to roughly six billion, the International Telecommunications Union estimated. With mobile devices becoming a staple of modern society and the preferred way of accessing digital content, today’s successful businesses are […]

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Market To Mobile / Cell Phones Automatically Through Proximity Marketing.

Market to your Customers Mobile Phones when they are in your store or nearby using Local Mobile Market
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